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B.S. in Computer Science
A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science qualifies students for employment with local, state, regional, and federal agencies. Some students continue on to get a graduate degree in preparation for a career in industry, research or teaching. An internship or part-time work is recommended in order to establish a relationship with an employer before graduation. This program will prepare a student to complete the Computer Science Concentration in the MSCST. Students with a strong background in science may also choose to complete the Biomedical Informatics Concentration in the MSCST. Students in the Information Systems Concentration will also be prepared for the Business Administration track of the MSCST.

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Software Development (ABET accredited) Curriculum Sheet
This concentration focuses on the design, implementation and development of software. In addition to the core of computer science provided in all computer science concentrations additional coursework in systems development and software engineering are required.

A student graduating in computer science must have a grade of "C" or better in each of the core computer science courses before the subsequent core course is taken. The core courses are: CSC 120, 135, 145, 242, 285, 315, 345, 346, 382, 405, 460, 480, 481 and 485.

Information Systems Curriculum Sheet
This concentration focuses on the computer-based technologies that are used in every area of human endeavor. This concentration provides a foundation in the basic areas of business including management, marketing, accounting and finance. This program will allow a student to gain both the technological expertise and the business perspective necessary to work on technical problems within a business domain. The courses in business that are required for this degree are the required coursework prerequisites for entering the Master of Business Administration program at LSUS or to complete the Computer Science or Business Administration concentrations in the MSCST. 

An articulation (transfer) agreement for six AAS degrees from the Cyber Information Division at Bossier Parish Community College was signed in April 2011. An update articulation agreement was completed in the fall of 2014. 

Cyber Security and Networking Curriculum Sheet
This environment was developed in cooperation with the Cyber Information Technology Division at BPCC. Students completing the AAS in Network Security Specialist are well prepared for this degree. Careful selection of courses will ensure that most credit hours transfer. The cyber security and networking concentration courses may be completed at either BPCC or LSUS. Criminal Justice courses at LSUS are also a part of this environment. This environment prepares the student to work in cyber security and networking in any industry or government agency requiring secure networks. This will include both government and private sector jobs. This program will prepare a student to complete the Computer Science Concentration in the MSCST.

Digital and Interactive Design Curriculum Sheet
This environment is provided in cooperation with the Digital Media & Arts Department at LSUS. The environment consists of 30 hours of coursework in Digital Arts, culminating in a 2 semester project. This environment prepares the student to work in the technical side of content creation in a variety of digital media fields.

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