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Department of Computer Science


Why Computer Science?

This is the COMPUTER / INFORMATION / TECHNOLOGY AGE. Computer Science (CS) is a dynamic and exciting field to study plus it provides a rewarding and satisfying career. There are many sub fields of CS such as artificial intelligence, computer game development, software engineering, expert systems, data mining, programming, robotics, computer graphics ... Computer science students and professionals are usually very passionate about studying and working in one of the sub fields - it is fun and exciting and doesn't seem like study or work. Forbes in 2016 ranked a bachelor's degree in Computer Science as the number two in demand by employers and ranked a master's degree Computer Science as the number one master's degree in demand -- see Forbes' Top Degrees for Getting Hired.

There are almost 10 times more US computing jobs open right now than there were students who graduated with computer science degrees in 2015 (the most recent for which the National Center for Education Statistics has collected data). In 2015 about 60,000 students graduated from US institutions with bachelor degrees in computer and information services. There are about 530,000 computing jobs currently open (in 2017), according to, which used data from business research association.

There are 2,412 open computing jobs in Louisiana (5.3 times the state average demand rate) and only 365 CS graduates each year. The average salary for a computing occupation in Louisiana is $67,604, which is significantly higher than the average salary in the state ($41,260). The existing open jobs alone represent a $163,060,848 opportunity in terms of annual salaries. 1 July 2017 The Bureau of Labor Statistics has more information on computing jobs (BLS).

Why LSU Shreveport?

"For example, the LSUS computer science program is one of the leading such specializations in the state, supplying Shreveport's burgeoning technical and digital media industry with skilled, career-ready employees who have incredible talent to offer from day one on the job." F. King Alexander, Shreveport Times, 23 Jan 2015 (Times).The Department of Computer Science offers certificates in computer science, a minor in computer science, a B.S. in Computer Science, and a M.S in Computer Systems Technology. Instruction in the department is provided by both full-time faculty and several adjunct faculty - the adjuncts are local computer professionals working for leading computer companies in Shreveport/ Bossier. The department has a dedicated network administrator/academic support person who supervises several student workers to maintain computer equipment, install software, etc. . The department is also home to several labs (CS student, Cyber Security, Cisco Academy network, Bioinformatics Research, Computer Science Club lab for computer game development, cybersecurity, information systems, software development). Also, there are labs for high-performance cluster computing, faculty research and special purposes. Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty work together in these labs on a variety of research projects.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Software Development) is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

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