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Department of Biological Sciences

SCI-NET Research Program

Welcome to the SCI-NET Research Program

The Shreveport/Bossier SciNet project will focus heavily on experiential and inquiry-based learning using modern computer-based applications and laboratory research to emphasize key knowledge and skills in life science education. To create a new, collaboration-rich, interdisciplinary, and communication-rich life science education culture in Northwest Louisiana, the funds requested in this proposal will be used to develop the Shreveport/Bossier (SB) SciNet, which will achieve the following goals:

  1. Improve the freshman/sophomore life science experience at LSUS (and therefore improve retention and recruitment) by enabling LSUS faculty and students to develop 'front-of-the-wave' educational learning modules for the 100 and 200-level LSUS life science curricula.
  2. Increase the level of college preparedness for students interested in life science careers by enabling high school students to participate in experiential learning opportunities at LSUS.
  3. Enable high school teachers to use LSUS faculty-developed teaching modules and resources in their classrooms by providing area high school science teachers with training and access to the newly developed coursework modules in the life science curricula.
  4. Create an interdisciplinary mentoring culture among the high school and PhD educational community by having LSUS faculty train the high school teachers in the knowledge expectations and use of educational and experiential learning resources within the LSUS College of Sciences, and by creating a mentoring culture among high school and college-level science students by enabling successful LSUS science students to participate in the training and mentoring of area high school science students.
  5. Create a coordinated workforce pipeline to support regional life science economic development and life science-based industries by creating a pool of life science high school and college graduates with current knowledge, technical and practical experience, and realistic understanding of the life skills required to succeed in life science careers.

Student Research Programs and Projects
This page will list all of the research programs, faculty and student investigators, and describe the research projects. Click the menu on the left to go to the projects page.

Learning Modules
This page lists all the learning modules developed under the SciNet program. Most modules can be downloaded while others can be provided on CD-ROM. Please contact the Chair, Biological Sciences, LSUS for additional information. Phone: 318-797-5244. E-mail: Click the menu on the left to go to the modules page.

Teacher Workshops
This page lists the teacher workshops that have been carried out or are in the planning stage. Click the menu on the left to go to the teacher workshop page.

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