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Department of Biological Sciences


Training in the biological sciences opens many doors to employment and graduate studies. Opportunities for the biological science major abound in a variety of areas ranging from medicine to teaching and sales.

The Department of Biological Sciences has numerous labs that are equipped with computers and state of the art equipment. Research equipment includes an ultra-centrifuge, a high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, UV-visible spectrophotometers, electrophoresis equipment, and a scanning electron microscope among others.

We offer numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in the research programs within the department. These opportunities are rare among colleges and universities. Over the years, many of our undergraduates have co-authored papers with the faculty.

Research at the graduate level leading to a Master's Degree is offered through a combined program between LSUS and the LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport. Over 60 students have received this degree within the last 15 years. We are currently developing a new program leading to a M.S. degree in Biology. This program is broad based and involves all the major areas of biology.

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