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Department of Biological Sciences


The Department of Biological Sciences is composed of 10 faculty members representing all of the major areas of the biological sciences. The degree in biological sciences is divided into three tracks: Cell and Molecular Biology, Environmental Science, or Field and Organismal Biology. These tracks are very flexible and can meet the requirements of any post-graduate program. Each track is divided into required courses for the specific track, elective courses, and general education courses.

The Department of Biological Sciences has numerous teaching and research labs that are equipped with computers and state of the art equipment. Department equipment includes an ultracentrifuge, a high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, UV-visible spectrophotometers, a fluorescence spectrophotometer, a UPLC chromatography system, electrophoresis equipment, and a scanning electron microscope among others.

In addition to the campus computer lab, the Department of Biological Sciences has a mini-computer lab with 12 computers and a networked laser printer. All computers are connected to the campus network and have access to the Internet.

Memberships in four student organizations are available in the department:

1) Biology/Health Science Club

2) Tri Beta: Biology Honor Society

3) Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pre-Medical Honor Society

4) MAPS: Minority Association of Pre-Health Students.

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