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Department of Arts & Media

Degree Programs

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Electronic Media
In our media-rich culture, learning how to produce corporate messages from concept to screening is a must for those who are interested in careers focused on corporate video production.  LSUS students work in the campus studio to produce feature programming followed by senior year internships at professional media production facilities in off-campus locations. Newsroom experience comes from working with the weekly electronic student publication titled Almagest/student news.
Electronic Media Curriculum Sheet

The traditional field of news reporting for print publications now includes an exciting blend of web design, writing, and social networking as reporters move out of the newsroom and report from every corner of the world. Students will learn the basic skills of news writing and editing as well as media ethics and law. Students in journalism can write for the weekly online Almagest/student news as well as the feature-based Almagest: The Magazine. These student publications provide a wealth of practical experience for graduates expected to lay out electronic publications, create blogs, and upload multi-media packages.
Journalism Curriculum Sheet

Public Relations
Media students who wish to work in government or business will choose the public relations concentration. Courses cover the history and theory of public relations including a focus on media campaigns, work in the nonprofit business sector, and persuasive techniques. As with all mass communication courses, the public relations students will become familiar with computer design, new media broadcast techniques, and writing for social networking audiences by working on the student newspaper or magazine. In the senior year, students will intern under the direction of a community professional in the field.  All PR students are members of the Public Relations Student Organization (PRSO) which is affiliated with the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL), Northwest Chapter.
PR Curriculum Sheet

BFA in Digital Arts

Digital Arts is one of the hottest fields for college graduates.  Game design, graphic design, animation, corporate identity campaigns, and a host of other opportunities await the student with the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in digital arts.  The department sponsors student organizations in animation and advertising design including competition with other colleges.

BFA Curriculum Sheet

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