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Liberal Arts Graduates

David Harmon

WHAT I DO NOW: Senior Land Man for Louisiana with Comstock Resources, Inc.  I am responsible for the acquisition of oil and gas leases, development of prospects, and supervision of field land men. 

MY WORK/JOB CONSISTS OF: Reviewing and preparing agreements, approving invoices, and directing the activities of land men and attorneys 

HOW I GOT TO LSUS (OR WHY I CHOSE LSUS): Due to a family situation, I had to stay home and attend a local school.  Fortunately, LSUS became a full 4-year college when I started.

FOND MEMORIES OF LSUS: School dances, movies in the Science Lecture Auditorium, and playing cards in the "Snack shack."


HOW LSUS HELPED ME SUCCEED: It taught me to appreciate careful research and analysis.  It also helped me cultivate an eye for detail.

ADVICE TO COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENTS: Prepare a day at a time; do not worry about next week or next month.

ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO ENTER MY FIELD: Be persistent and take a long term approach that this is a career, not just a job.

TIPS ON CHOOSING A MAJOR/CAREER: Determine what you love and pursue it with great energy and determination. 

MY TOUGHEST PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGE: Fighting through unemployment in the 1980's during the oil and gas bust. 

MY TOUGHEST PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Losing my father when I was 19. 

SUCCESSES IN MY LIFE: Who's Who Among College Students, 1978 (first group at LSUS), President of Land Men's Association, President of Loyola Alumni Association, Knights of Columbus.

I'VE LEARNED THIS FROM LIFE: If you have a problem that money can solve, you do not have a problem. 

WHAT I'D BE DOING IF I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD: Traveling, fishing, and playing golf when I'm not working.

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