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General Studies Graduates

Sheriff Steve Prator

Steve Prator

What I do now: Caddo Parish Sheriff

My work/job consists of:  Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Caddo Parish and Ex-Officio Tax Collector

Path to my current career position (how I got from the past to the present): Shreveport Police Department patrol, detective, narcotics agent, Chief of Police, Sheriff of Caddo Parish

How I got to LSUS (or why I chose LSUS):  I attended LSU in Baton Rouge for three years and came home to Shreveport, got on the police department and graduated from LSUS.

Fond memories of LSUS:  New friends and classes. LSUS was small enough to interact with faculty.

LSUS faculty who helped me:  Dr. Vince Marsala, Danny Walker

How LSUS helped me succeed:  LSUS provided a setting that caused me to concentrate on academic efforts rather than social activities.

Advice to college-bound students:  Remember why you are there instead of your academic endeavors being second.

Advice to someone who wants to enter my field:  Examine what it takes to be in law enforcement; make sure you feel God calling you into it.

Tips on choosing a major or career: Do what you enjoy, not what you think will make the most money.

My toughest professional challenges:  Making decisions that impact lives in a tremendous way; internal decisions; seeing violence first hand.

My toughest personal challenge:  Balancing a tremendous and demanding amount of work with family commitments.

Successes (honors, awards, etc.) in my life:  Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame for Law Enforcement; Shreveport Bar Association Liberty Bell award for outstanding leadership and community service; Juvenile Justice “Shining Star” award; Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award; Academic Hall of Fame-Northwood High School; LSUS Distinguished Alumni Award 2015.

I’ve learned this from life:  Patience!

What I’d be doing if I had all the time in the world:  Taking more time with this form.

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