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Business Graduates

Michael L. Carter

Michael Carter, LSUS Alum

Michael is a 1992 graduate who earned a bachelor's degree in accounting. He has spent much of his 25-year career in non-regulated electricity markets. He received the 2018 LSUS Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award.

Michael is the senior vice president finance for Hunt Power and Hunt Utility Services, Dallas, Texas. Prior to assuming his role at Hunt Power, he held various roles at Energy Future Holdings (EFH), including senior vice president corporate planning & development, and CFO and senior vice president of customer operations and IT for TXU Energy (a subsidiary of EFH). He also served as assistant controller, TXU Corporation.

Prior to joining EFH, Michael was with KPMG, where he last served as a director in the transaction services group. He provided merger and acquisition due diligence and technical accounting advice for clients. Prior to joining KPMG, Michael worked for the non-regulated electricity companies InterGen and CSW Energy/International.

Michael and his wife, Robin (also an LSUS graduate), live in Flower Mound, Texas and have one daughter, Sarah.

What I do now: Strategic transactions related to the power utility investments of Hunt Consolidated

My work/job consists of: Negotiating transactions and raising capital

How I got to LSUS (or why I chose LSUS): I wanted to attend the University of Arkansas. However, the cost of out-of-state tuition made that impractical. I had to choose between LSUS and La Tech. My brother was at La. Tech at the time, so I decided to go to LSUS.

Fond Memories of LSUS: During my senior year at LSUS, I started on the basketball team.

LSUS faculty who helped me: Dean Larry Clark (now Chancellor Clark) taught me Business Law and the importance of contracts. From Dr. Timothy Vines, a Professor of Finance, I learned about investing in companies and how markets "value companies."

How LSUS helped me succeed: The internship program helped me with an internship at SWEPCO, which started my career in the electricity business.

Advice to college-bound students: Think about what you can do with your degree from a career perspective. Do whatever you can to minimize the amount of debt that you have coming out of college. I worked multiple jobs while in college, while attending full time.

Advice to someone who wants to enter my field: Be able to make decisions without complete information, and be able to accept that you will not always be right. Treat people with respect and ask lots of questions. Understand what is important to customers - both internal and external. Try to understand how a business works.

Tips on choosing a major or career: Think about what you can do with your intended major. A career does not have to be something that you enjoy all of the time. Careers can change if you are willing to take some risk.

My toughest professional challenge: Wanting to be involved in too many things at one time

My toughest personal challenge: Balancing family and work (see toughest professional challenge) and not staying physically fit

I've learned this from life: Uncertainty creates opportunities. Don't judge yourself by what others are achieving.

What I'd be doing if I had all the time in the world: Playing more golf

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