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Business Graduates

Karmen Rubin, MBA

What I do now:
I am the Director of Employment Programs at Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth. I oversee the Goodwill Works Program, a program designed to assist homeless individuals and others facing barriers to employment with finding and securing employment across Tarrant County.

My work/job consists of:
Creating and developing partnerships with community agencies and media to increase the awareness of our open placement services and Goodwill Works program services throughout our service areas.

Path to my current career position (how I got from the past to the present):
I started at Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana right after I graduated with my bachelor's. I worked in the Workforce Development Department for three years before deciding to pursue my master's degree at LSUS. I knew I wanted to advance to senior leadership and knew I had to further my education in order to do so competitively. After some encouragement from my mom and with the support of my family and friends, I decided to go back. It was one of the best steps I have taken in my career.

How I got to LSUS (or why I chose LSUS):
I chose LSUS because of the local presence and the Executive MBA program. The program and the courses seemed to fit me and my career path perfectly.

Fond memories of LSUS:
I will never forget the guest professionals who came to share real life experiences about their careers and the challenges that they overcame while accomplishing their goals.

LSUS faculty who helped me:
Dr. Bigler. From the moment I met him, I knew he had my very best interests at heart, and I knew he wanted nothing but the best for his students and for them to be successful in whatever path they chose.

How LSUS helped me succeed:
LSUS faculty and staff are truly on your side as a student, and they want you to succeed. The interest they had in my plans and visions showed throughout each course I took.

Advice to college-bound students:
Always seek more! Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you can. And even though you may think your parents are clueless about college life, they understand more than you think and only want the best for you.

Advice to someone who wants to enter my field:
Working for a large nonprofit requires knowing how to operate a lot of moving parts. You have to be able to think outside the box and not only find, but create solutions to problems that you may face.

Tips on choosing a major or career:
Start with what you are good at and do a job match analysis to see what skills you already have, or what you can work toward. Ask yourself really good questions and be honest with yourself.

My toughest professional challenge:
Receiving my first career coaching and counseling from my immediate supervisor as a new manager. I had always met and exceeded my goals as a staff member. But there were skills and tasks I struggled with simply because I had not yet had the chance to develop in a leadership role. Looking back, I saw how my manager wanted me to be successful, and that session became the turning point in my career as a manager and even as a director today.

My toughest personal challenge:
Relocating to another city and state without any close family or friends.

Successes (honors, awards, etc.) in my life:
-Director of the Year Award
-Society for Professional Marketing Services Dallas (Dallas, TX, September 2017)
-40 under 40 Award Nominee (Shreveport- Bossier, November 2013)

I've learned this from life:
To practice patience continuously. Anything that is worth it in life will not be easy, but is attainable if you never give up.

What I'd be doing if I had all the time in the world:
Traveling the world even more

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