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  • Business Graduates

    International Wholesaler; Oil & Gas Engineer & Operations Manager; IT Operations Director; Sustainability Educator; Human Resources Leader/Partner; CEO of a Regional Partnership; Newspaper Publisher; Investment Banker; Commercial Lender; Financial Advisor; Account Manager; Advertising Firm Owner; CPA Firm Partner; Corporate Planner; Hospital CEO; Network Marketing Team Builder; Director of Employment; Manager of Social Media & Advertisement; Event Coordinator

  • Education & Social Science Graduates

    CEO of Nonprofit; Director of High Schools; Professional Fundraiser; Executive Director of University Institute; Director of University Education Department; Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Team; Superintendent of K-12 School; Deputy Director for State Education Department; Head Researcher & Medical School Department Head; Insurance Company Executive; STEM Educator; Fitness Trainer; Judge; School Psychologist; School Principal

  • General Studies Graduates

    Professional Speaker & Author; Assistant Professor; Sheriff; Supervisor of Parks & Recreation Department; Political Activist; Parish Administrator; Business Owner; Commercial Realtor; Professional Speaker & Author; Director of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations Director

  • Liberal Arts Graduates

    Owner of Creative Design Firm; Executive Director of Regional Arts Council; Visual Arts Coordinator; Debate Team Director; Parish & School Pastor; US Army Acquisitions Professional; Film Company President; Renowned Artist; Oil & Gas Industry Leader; Capitol Beat Reporter; Community College Student Life Coordinator; Executive Editor of a Magazine; Director of Development & Community Outreach for a Nonprofit; Law Firm Partner; Chief of Police

  • Science Graduates

    Physician Assistant; Pharmaceutical Company Founder; Software Engineer; Cardiologist; Director of Scientific Research Organization; IT Company Founder; Pediatrician; Researcher in Microbiology & Immunology; Anesthesiologist; Dentist; Radiation Oncologist; Associate Professor of Medicine; Licensing Agent; Genetics Specialist; Physicist

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