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The Museum of Life Sciences Provides LSUS Students a Place to Research

August 17, 2017

The Museum of Life Sciences is the perfect place for those who love science. It serves as a research institution that studies vertebrate animals, spiders, insects, mollusks, and vascular plants.

A drawer filled with preserved animal remains.Biology students are able to use the research center to research various projects, including their thesis. Students are also able to focus on classes in the catalog that may not be offered. “If a student wants to work on an independent course in the catalog, then we work with them,” said Dr. Laurence Hardy, director emeritus. “When they see what we have and what we do they are usually enthusiastic about the museum.” Scientists from other universities also visit the museum for educational purposes. If someone wants an animal identified, they can bring the animal to the museum. In addition to its educational purpose, the museum has a biology station located at the Ouachita Mountains Biological Station in Mena, Arkansas.

Hardy is currently working on collecting crawfish to identify and preserve as a way to add to the museum and feature more of Louisiana’s culture.