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Sports Clubs

Quidditch Team at LSUS

Quidditch Goals

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Quidditch Team at LSUS is:

  • To organize intramural and interscholastic Muggle Quidditch matches played under the guidelines of the International Quidditch Association, as well as to foster an environment of discussion of the Harry Potter Series and fandom.
  • To promote the growth of a sense of community founded on the Harry Potter sport of Quidditch.
  • To foster the continued interest in the magic of sportsmanship and the competitive human nature.
  • To provide experience designed to develop the skills of teamwork and athleticism.
  • To provide members with an opportunity to share in a college sport that is sweeping the nation, and to be in competition nationally with other intramural Muggle Quidditch teams.
  • To serve the university community by providing a fun outlet from the stresses of everyday life.

ACTIVITIES: Normal physical activity every Sunday, Trips to Tournament in Spring

MEETINGS: Sunday afternoons at soccer fields, Join our facebook group for practice updates:

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of gender, major or athletic ability.

NEW MEMBERS: New members are accepted year round; Just contact Kate Quackenbush or show up to practice any Sunday.

DUES: None

CONTACT: Katelyn Quackenbush
Phone: 318-426-0182

Advisor: Leslie Fife
Advisor Department / Office: Commuter Science
Advisor Phone Number: 795-4265


President: Katelyn Quackenbush
Phone: 318-423-0182

Vice President: Shadi Darzeidan

Secretary: Stephaine Mosher

Treasurer: Will McCutcheon

SOC Representative: Katelyn Quackenbush

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