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Special Interest Groups


  • Black Studies Association at LSUS

    In pursuit and recognition of the highest aspirations of intellectual, social, and cultural awareness, the Black Studies Association, hereby referred to as BSA, seeks to preserve the individual and collective rights of its members. BSA serves as a venue for its members to come together for the purpose of education, group unity, networking, and to promote their positive image both on and off campus by university and community involvement.

  • College Republicans

    The College Republicans' aim to further the Republican Party, its ideologies, candidates, and platform. It was established to fight for smaller goverment, 2nd amendament rights, repealing Obamacare and advancing the conservative values we believe in.

  • Computer Science Club at LSUS

    Computer Science Club will strive to provide an opportunity for participants to obtain involvement in current computing standards.

  • India Studies Club at LSUS

    The purpose of the India Studies Club at LSUS is to serve as a forum for students to engage and learn about India and Indian culture.

  • International Student Association at LSUS

    The International Club's purpose to provide information and programs to all international students about the LSUS campus and the community.

  • Max Level Gaming Club at LSUS

    The purpose of the Max Level Gaming Club is to help give tutorials for gaming hardware, tips in gaming as well as tutorials, create a place where people can relax and have fun and to create a place for people to find others with common interests.

  • Residence Hall Association at LSUS

    Residence Hall Association at LSUS

  • Rotaract Club at LSUS

    The goal of the Rotaract Club is to support the community through donations and by volunteering.

  • Student Organization Council at LSUS

    The SOC provides experiences designed to develop the leadership skills of individuals in campus organizations, serves as a liaison among member organizations and the University, provides a forum for communication among organizations on campus, provides an opportunity for organizations to coordinate campus activities, and fosters the continued growth of student organizations.

  • The Alliance

    The Alliance (formerly known as Spectrum) at LSUS is a gay and straight alliance group meant to foster awareness, promote education, and provide a forum for discussion about issues of sexuality.

  • YoungLife College at LSUS

    YoungLife College at LSUS