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Academic and Professional Clubs

Debate Team

The LSUS Debate Team has been around for a long time. It was established in 1970 with Dr. Frank Lower as the first coach. At that time the team was a student club sponsored by the Communications Department. The primary reasoning behind the inception of the first debate team was the education of the students. While the people have changed, over the last 35 years the goal of the LSUS Debate Team has remained firm; to nurture and develop the overall communication skills of our students.

The Communications Department here at LSUS has long understood the value of competitive collegiate debate and the role it plays in advancing the skills which are so important for the real world success of our students. These skills include academic research on a broad range of social, political, and economic issues. They also include listening and critical thinking skills; being able to hear what someone says, evaluate its meaning, and come up with persuasive argumentation. Most importantly, they include public speaking skills; the ability to express yourself clearly and confidently.

Today the LSUS Debate Team is classified as a Student Activity on our campus. We welcome any and all students who wish to explore their public speaking and persuasion skills. Our activities and travel are fully funded by grants from the student activity fund. We normally have from 15 - 25 students who are official members of the team, and travel to 5-7 regional tournaments every semester. When traveling, the LSUS Debate Team members are considered official representatives of this university. We take this responsibility very seriously, and strive to properly represent the university in a professional and ethical manner. We want to represent LSUS well and we try hard to be professional, ethical competitors with a high degree of team spirit and good sportsmanship.

Advisor: Trey Gibson
Advisor Department / Office: Communications – BH 315
Advisor Phone Number: (318) 797-5081

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