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Academic and Professional Clubs


  • Biological and Health Sciences Club at LSUS

    The goal of the Biological and Health Sciences Club is to stimulate sound scholarship; encourage investigation in the life and medical sciences; promote dissemination of scientific truth; encourage participation in group activities; encourage participation in school events that better the campus; broaden the scope of classroom education; assist in the collection of specimens and maintenance of the LSUS Life Science Museum; and conserve the environment.

  • Biomedical Informatics Group at LSUS

    The Biomedical Informatics Group brings together Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Math students with the Medical field, to solve complex life science problems.

  • Chemistry Club at LSUS

    The goal of the Chemistry Club at LSUS is to promote an overall interest in the field of chemistry and the fields in relation to chemistry.

  • Debate Team

    Created in 1970, the primary purpose of the Debate Team to nurture and develop the overall communication skills of our students.

  • Drama Club

    The Drama Club enhances and encourages student participation and understanding of theatrical process, from the artistic (acting, directing) to the technical (lighting, props, etc.)

  • English Club at LSUS

    The English Club promotes and supports the study of English for all majors and non-majors.

  • Future Veterinarians of America

    To gather not only the pre-veterinary enrolled students at LSU Shreveport, but also the students who have a deep concern for the well - being of animals. This organization is to promote the personal growth of these students as well as foster their continued interest in animals.

  • History Club at LSUS

    To provide the student body with an organization which promotes the study, application, and challenge of history throughout time in all levels and areas of historical concentration.

  • Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science Club at LSUS

    The purpose of the Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science Club at LSUS is to promote professional development to students in the areas of Kinesiology Health Science and Sports.

  • Master of Health Administration Group

    To provide MHA students with guidance, support and access in order to further their careers in the health care field.

  • Math and Physics Club at LSUS

    The Math and Physics Club aims to encourage the appreciation of math and physics while making life long friends.

  • Nonprofit Administration Student Organization at LSUS

    Nonprofit Administration Student Organization prepares students for entry-level management positions with youth and human service organizations, a field that needs 50,000 entry-level professionals to fill staff vacancies each year.

  • Pre-Dental Society at LSUS

    To provide information and opportunities for students interested in dental fields.

  • Psychology Club at LSUS

    The Psychology Club's purpose is to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields; particularly in psychology.

  • Public Health Student Association at LSUS

    The purpose of PHA LSUS is to serve as a forum for public health education within the organization and external to the organization through community outreach.

  • School Psychology Graduate Student Organization at LSUS

    To create an open environment for graduate students to engage in professional and personal growth

  • Student Finance Association at LSUS

    To provide the opportunity for LSUS students to learn about Finance and its related fields of study by interacting with faculty and other individuals through discussion and other activities as may be deemed desirable by membership.

  • Student League of Art and Design

    To inspire creativity, community involvement and awareness.