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Recreational Sports and Sporting Facilities

Camping Supply Rental

LSUS Rec Sports has a variety of camping equipment available for rental to LSUS students with valid ID. To reserve any item, please call 797-5393 or email Please reserve equipment at least 24 hours prior to pickup to ensure availability. Equipment checkout and return takes place at the UC Office. A signed rental agreement is required for all rentals.


Camping Supply Rental:

Prices listed as weekend rental (Fri. - Sun.) /week rental (Mon. - Sun.)

Dining Canopy: $3.00/$5.00

2-Person Tent: $3.00/$5.00

Ice Chest: $3.00 /$5.00

Campfire Grid Table: $2.00/$4.00

Propane Lantern: $2.00/$4.00

Campfire Dutch Oven: $1.00/$3.00

Campfire Coffee Urn: $1.00/$3.00

Campfire Cooking Iron: $1.00/$3.00

Compass: $1.00/$3.00

Rope: $1.00/$3.00

First Aid Kit: $1.00/$3.00