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Sigma Phi Iota Becomes LSUS' First Local Sorority

Sigma Phi Iota

Established in 2010, Sigma Phi Iota was founded by Amanda Lovewell, Molly Smith and Brittany Howard. These three young women had a concept of creating an organization that promoted women and provided a supportive place to go.

“Sigma Phi Iota started out as a student organization. The founders wanted it to primarily be a college women support group kind of thing, but the university said we couldn’t have a student organization that only accepts women for your members. So our only option was to become a Greek organization,” Zara Collins said. On June 13, 2012, Sigma Phi Iota became LSUS’ first local sorority established on campus.

One of their biggest focuses is community service. Sigma Phi Iota has made an impact in the community through outreach to other Greek organizations and volunteer work. Their primary volunteer efforts are with Shriners Hospital. The sorority raises money to help the children, as well as taking time to spend with the children whether they create crafts or provide snacks.

In addition to the sorority’s uniqueness of being local and community service minded, they have displayed wonderful academics that makes them stand out.

“It’s been proven that we take academics very seriously. We got highest GPA and academic excellence awards. We get them every year. That has been something that’s kind of been passed down. We have rules that state you have to keep your grades up. We’re very on top of that in terms of academics,” Collins said.

For Collins, Sigma Phi Iota has been more than a sorority. It’s taught her the meaning of sisterhood and allows her to be herself. “It has given me a space to breathe and be myself. I always try to present myself in a certain way and that hat comes off when I’m with the sorority. I don’t have to be so put together. I don’t have so professional all the time,” Collins said.

She aspires for the sorority to become a bigger platform in the future. “I’d like the sorority to be on a world stage. I hope it’s done in a positive light, and I hope that it’s done through a means of social media or something that’s easy to spread around the world. I hope it becomes a symbol for what young women can do,” Collins said. “I hope that young girls around the world will see that and know that they can do it to. I hope that other local sororities are inspired by us, learn from our mistakes, and take anything from it. I hope that we start another chapter somewhere.”

While Sigma Phi Iota continues to build their platform they are able to enjoy their most recent achievement of becoming a 501 certified Greek organization in 2016. Although Sigma Phi Iota is only at LSUS, expanding the sorority to other campuses would be an exciting addition.

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