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Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Guidelines

Source: LSUS Policy Statement 1.15.02

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All full-time, non-faculty employees of LSUS with at least one year of service at LSUS are eligible for nominations. Vice Chancellors are eligible for an award of recognition only. A staff member is not eligible to receive an Outstanding Service Award in any two consecutive years. The award is based only on the criteria stated herein. Those serving on the evaluation committee, as detailed in section IV shall be eligible to receive the award, however, he or she will be removed from the evaluation proceedings during the review of his or her nomination.


Any eligible person may be nominated by any LSUS full-time employee by submitting a nomination, not to exceed 500 words, describing the nominee's qualifications. Nominations can be submitted using the attached form or through the web-based nomination system. The nomination should cite specific contributions by the nominee as outlined under section


Employees nominated for an Outstanding Service Award should exhibit the highest professional standards at LSUS. Nominees shall demonstrate a conscientious attitude in the performance of their duties and a willingness to increase their capabilities and skills, show creativity and innovation, and exemplify the attributes which facilitate the university's mission. The ideal nominee should possess a positive work attitude and a strong willingness to perform their duties effectively. In addition, nominees should be exemplary in their work and in their relationships to their peers in all aspects of their involvement with the campus from work enthusiasm to attendance.