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Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Task Force

The LSU Shreveport Title IX Task Force reviews current policies, practices, and procedures related to Title IX (excluding sports equity) and makes recommendations to the LSU President in an effort to better serve the LSUS campus community.  The Task Force is comprised of students, faculty, and staff in order to gain a diverse perspective on the subject matter.  The Chancellor appoints LSU Shreveport faculty/staff and the off-campus representative for three-year terms, and the Student Government Association appoints student members for a one-year term.  Committee members may be reappointed for multiple terms.   

The 2017-18 Task Force consists of the following members:

Ms. Angela Henderson, Sexual Assault Director, Project Celebration, Inc.
Ms. Emily Jenkins, Student
Ms. Chelsa King, Assistant Director, Student Activities and Recreational Sports
Mr. Lucas Morgan, Director, Athletics
Ms. Grace Nickels, Director, Student Advocacy & Accountability and Title IX Coordinator
Ms. Angie Pellerin, Counselor, Counseling Services
Ms. Lisa Pickering, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Dr. Hsin-Ya Tang, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Mr. Jakob Volcheck, Student
Mr. Bill Wolfe, Director, Human Resource Management
Mr. Donald Wray, Director, University Police
Mr. Riley Young, Instructor, Department of History and Social Sciences

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