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Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Recommendations

Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Recommendations


RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 1 - Smart Classroom Upgrades for BE113, BE115 and BE342. 
Cost: $2,994.
Primary Representative - Yong Dai
RECOMMENDATION  NUMBER 2 - Replacement of Deuterium and Halogen Lamps in UV-Vis Spectrophotometers. 
Cost: $2,450. 
Primary Representative - Cran Lucas.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 3 - Improving Spectrophotometric Capabilities in Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratories. 
Cost: $9,533. 
Primary Representative - Wayne Gustavson.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 4 - Purchase of Ten Spectronic 200 Spectrophotometers for the BIOS 120L Teaching Laboratory. 
Cost: $11,917. 
Primary Representative - Stephen Banks.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 5 - Upgrade Computer Lab in BH304. 
Cost: $20,786. 
Primary Representative - Jeff Sadow.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 6 - BE201 Computer Lab Upgrade. 
Cost: $30,000. 
Primary Representative - Karen James.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 7 - Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset and Development Station. 
Cost: $2,000. 
Primary Representative - Alfred McKinney.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 8 - 2nd Floor Library Computer Bank. 
Cost: $1,921. 
Primary Representative - Brian Sherman.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 9 - Wireless Internet in HPE dance studio, HPE 116, and HPE 101B.
Cost: $7,555. 
Primary Representative - Timothy Winter.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 10 - Replacing Computers in BH204. 
Cost: $25,000. 
Primary Representative - Terry Harris.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 11 - Library Reservation Platform. 
Cost: $630. 
Primary Representative - Brian Sherman.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 12 - University Center Wireless Upgrade. 
Cost: $4,650. 
Primary Representative - Matthew Parks.

The campus-wide lab is the central academic computing facility that remains open for extended hours seven days a week to serve students. The services provided by the campus-wide lab include, but not limited to, the computer hardware/software needed for completion of course work in various disciplines; and Internet access for research. Information Technology Services is responsible for the hardware/software maintenance, networking functions and staffing of the campus-wide lab. Cost: $110,000. This cost includes salary plus related benefits annually for a full-time lab manager; student workers; and supplies.

The infrastructure category supports technology and communications that will serve the entire campus. This will include computing and communications equipment, software, communications services, staffing and support and maintenance of the infrastructure. Cost: $170,000. This cost includes salary and related benefits plus hardware maintenance. 


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