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Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Recommendations

Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Recommendations


RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 1 -- Computer upgrades for the General Biology Lab.  
Cost: $7,568. Primary Representative -- James Ingold
RECOMMENDATION  NUMBER 2 -- Updating classroom technology in Chemistry and Physics.
Cost: $1,799. Primary Representative -- Cynthia Sisson.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 3 -- Enhanced multi-use classroom in TC 212.
Cost: $798. Primary Representative -- Leslie Fife.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 4 -- Enhancement of laboratory centrifugation techniques.
Cost: $1,196. Primary Representative -- Cran Lucas.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 5 -- Spectrophotometers for Chemistry teaching laboratories.
Cost: $3,427. Primary Representative -- Kui Chen.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 6 -- QuickBooks accounting software upgrade. 
Cost: $460. Primary Representative -- Carole Preston
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 7 -- BE391, BE219, and BE104 smart classroom upgrades.
Cost: $7,758. Primary Representative -- Karen James.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 8 -- Projector and ceiling mount kit for BH 338 smart classroom.
Cost: $921. Primary Representative -- Linda Webster.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 9 -- BH101, BH 461 and BH 463 smart classroom upgrades.
Cost: $2,835. Primary Representative -- Jeff Sadow.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 10 -- Computer upgrades for Chemistry computer lab and Math computer lab.
Cost: $33,075. Primary Representative -- Dalton Gossett.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 11 -- Supplying Biology laboratories with stereomicroscopes and integrated camera systems.
Cost: $14,727. Primary Representative -- Amy Erickson.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 12 -- Portable smart classroom and equipment update.
Cost: $5,970. Primary Representative -- Wanda Huhn.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 13 -- Enhancements to Education Department technology student lab.
Cost: $4,550. Primary Representative -- Larry Garrison

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 14 -- BH108 smart classroom.
Cost: $2,962. Primary Representative -- Jeff Sadow.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 15 -- Upgrade computers in Accounting lab.
Cost: $4,725. Primary Representative -- Doug Bible.
RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 16 -- CS department infrastructure.
Cost: $7,518. Primary Representative -- Leslie Fife.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 17 -- BE203 computer upgrades.
Cost: $30,884. Primary Representative -- Carole Preston.
The campus-wide lab is the central academic computing facility that remains open for extended hours seven days a week to serve students. The services provided by the campus-wide lab include, but not limited to, the computer hardware/software needed for completion of course work in various disciplines; and Internet access for research. Information Technology Services is responsible for the hardware/software maintenance, networking functions and staffing of the campus-wide lab. Cost: $110,000. This cost includes salary plus related benefits annually for a full-time lab manager; student workers; and supplies.

The infrastructure category supports technology and communications that will serve the entire campus. This will include computing and communications equipment, software, communications services, staffing and support and maintenance of the infrastructure. Cost: $170,000. This cost includes salary and related benefits plus hardware maintenance.

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