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Recommendation Archive

Fiscal Year 2002-2003 Recommendations


RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 1 - Purchase Blackboard Server.
Cost: $25,500. Primary Representative - Shelby Keith

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 2 - Student workers for the Business Education 201, 203 and 204 labs.
Cost: $9,120. Primary Representative - Charlotte Jones

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 3 - Student workers for the Graphics Lab.
Cost: $5,880. Primary Representative - LeMoyne Batten

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 4 - Student workers for the Education Technology Lab.
Cost: $5,400. Primary Representative - Jerry Antee

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 5 - Student workers for the CSC 112 & 212 Lab.
Cost: $900. Primary Representative - Adrienne Critcher

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 6 - Student workers for the Math Lab.
Cost: $9,000. Primary Representative - Paul Sisson

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 7 - Student workers for the Foreign Language Multimedia Lab.
Cost: $6,300. Primary Representative - Lynn Walford

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 8 - Computer equipment for the Almagest.
Cost: $4,516. Primary Representative - Matt Morris

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 9 - Student workers for the Mass Communications computer lab.
Cost: $3,296. Primary Representative - Suzzanne Bright

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 10 - Smart Classroom for the College of Education.
Cost: $14,478. Primary Representative - Jerry Antee

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 11 - Weighing balances for BIOS120L and 101L.
Cost: $8,400. Primary Representative - Beverly Burden

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 12 - University Center LCD projector and computer.
Cost: $6,050. Primary Representative - Steven Atkinson

Cost: $28,120. Primary Representative - Janice Goode

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 14 - Student workers for Fine Arts Piano Lab.
Cost: $2,700. Primary Representative - LaWanda Blakeney

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 15 - Smart Classroom for BE209.
Cost: $12,290. Primary Representative - Karen James

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 16 - Visual presenter for Department of English.
Cost: $2,713. Primary Representative - Diane Allen

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 17 - Digital cameras for Graphic Lab.
Cost: $6,400. Primary Representative - LaMoyne Batten

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 18 - Mobile teaching workstation for Department of Education.
Cost: $6,023. Primary Representative - Charles Wilson

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 19 - Computerized classroom for BH361.
Cost: $17,525. Primary Representative - Norm Dolch

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 20 - Document camera for College of Business.
Cost: $2,269. Primary Representative - Liz Mulig

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 21 - Computer with DVD drive for BH103.
Cost: $1,200. Primary Representative - John Vassar

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 22 - Memory upgrade for Computer Graphics Lab.
Cost: $1,600. Primary Representative - LaMoyne Batten


The campus-wide lab is the central academic computing facility that remains open for extended hours seven days a week to serve students. The services provided by the campus-wide lab include, but not be limited to, the computer hardware/software needed for completion of course work in various disciplines; and Internet access for research. This facility will serve primarily as a hub for students' academic/technical support services, and secondarily as a tool for the university's long-term recruitment and retention goals. Computing Services is responsible for the hardware/software maintenance, networking functions and staffing of the campus-wide lab. Cost for 2002-03 is approximately $90,000. This cost includes $35,000 salary plus $8,500 related benefits annually for a full-time lab manager; $37,500 annually for student workers; $3,000 annually for supplies and $6,000 annually for hardware/software maintenance.


RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 1 - Begin migration to Gigabyte backbone.
Cost: $30,000.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 2 - Recurring cost for new collapsed backbone and new high speed Internet access.
Cost: $35,000.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 3 - Recurring cost for a network administrator.
Cost: $38,880 plus $7,760 related benefits.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER 4 - Recurring costs for a user services analyst/webmaster.
Cost: $35,000 plus $8,500 related benefits.

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