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Tips for College Students

Adult Learners

Not all students are "traditional." Many students in school are single parents, veterans, employed full-time, returning to school after working, working on a second degree, etc. There are many reasons why students do not see themselves as being a "typical" college student. AND.....

Did you know you are part of a growing number of non-traditional students who are returning to school?

According to a National Center of Education Statistics report in 2002, non-traditional students made up 73% of all undergraduate students and 39% of all undergraduate students nationwide were 25 years old or older. These are dramatic increases over the past decades and the trend is expected to continue. At LSUS, we believe you have made a good choice and that your experience at LSUS will be valuable and rewarding.

While there are many rewards, many adult learners have some concerns about returning to school and making the adjustments to the college experience. Common concerns include the adequacy of their study skills, their ability to manage time and money, feelings of isolation on campus, feelings of intimidation by the college environment, and the challenge of juggling career, family, and school responsibilities. These are very real concerns, and the solutions vary according to the individual student and their circumstances. Despite these concerns, adult students can and do adjust well to the college experience. In fact, adult students have been found to have some advantages over traditional students. In part because of their life experience, adult learners tend to be more motivated, actually use study time more efficiently and have a better idea of their goals for college.

The following pages have been developed to assist you in making the adjustment to the college experience. Read on for some information important (and hopefully helpful) to the adult learner....