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Distance Learning Students

As a distance learning student you will be able to use the University Writing Lab through on-line means. In order to schedule a meeting with a peer tutor please email Ms. Cleatta Morris at

You can greatly enhance your online tutoring by following our "top 10" list of suggestions:
  1. Know your assignment, course and instructor's name. 
  2. Set up an online appointment with the UWC early in the writing process. 
  3. Engage in email discussions regarding the assignment with the peer tutor.
  4. Have specific questions about your writing. 
  5. Be aware that typed drafts must be submitted at least 2 days prior to the scheduled online appointment. 
  6. Be aware that peer counselors will only be available at the scheduled online appointment time. 
  7. Don't expect peer counselors to correct/edit your paper or to proofread it; instead, they will tell you how to identify your errors and correct them. 
  8. Don't expect peer counselors to estimate the grade your paper will receive. Only your instructor can judge the quality of your work for a grade. 
  9. Be open to the suggestions the peer counselors will make; ultimately, however, the final decision about changes/additions to your work is always yours. YOU are in charge of your work. 
  10. Talk to the Director of the UWC if you have a problem with the advice a peer counselor gives you:

Cleatta R. Morris, Instructor
Bronson Hall 118
(318) 795-2420