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Student Success Center

Success Workshops

Many students discover the need to adjust their study strategies and life management skills to the college setting. Workshops are offered each semester to assist in this adjustment and move students toward their academic goals. All workshops meet in Administration Building, Room 215.  

1/25 –   The Study Cycle

Do you ever study, but then not do well on the exam? Learning and retention improves with a continuous cycle of studying; come learn how!

2/1 –      What Defines a Healthy Relationship?

Is your relationship healthy? Join us to learn the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to create a foundation of fairness, honesty, trust, and respect.

2/15 –   Breaking Bad Learning Habits

Breaking bad habits can be an exhausting and discouraging process. Come find out what the research says about establishing new, more effective, study strategies, and what it takes to break bad habits for good!

2/22 –   Food & Feelings: A Complicated Romance

Do you have a complicated relationship with food?  Learn techniques to become more aware and mindful of your eating habits.

2/29 –   Strategy Power Hour

We will discuss some of the most effective and practical study strategies proven to work. Come learn how to use these powerful learning tools and become a better student!

3/7 –      Identifying Your Strengths

An introduction to the Dependable Strengths Process, this workshop will help you begin to identify your unique strengths/skills/talents and get an edge on securing the job you want.

3/14 –   Working with Memory

College work often requires more than simple memorization of facts. However, improving memory and concentration can provide the foundation for putting ideas together and learning concepts.

3/28 –   NEW! Where am I Going & What am I Doing?

Feeling lost? Develop a personal mission statement for your life and use it to stay strong, focused, and smart about decisions you make while moving toward your future.

4/4 –      Reduce Your Stress!

Discover causes of stress and methods to improve management of stress in our daily lives.

4/11 –   NEW! When Life Hands You Lemons…

Learn strategies for accepting unpleasant feelings associated with goals or experiences, and how to get past losses, without becoming paralyzed or giving up.

4/18 –   NEW! Face Off with Your Inner Critic

Discover the science behind difficult emotions, and how we can foster compassion towards ourselves and others in response to such emotions.

4/25 –   Preparing for Finals

Hopefully, you’ve prepared all semester and most of your work is already done. If not, this workshop will provide some last minute suggestions for final exams preparation.