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Tips for College Students

Transfer Students

Congratulations on your admission to LSU Shreveport!

We are so excited for you to become part LSU Shreveport and want to assist you in your transition to the University. We've gathered these resources to help ensure that your transition is smooth and that you can continue to work toward your academic and personal goals.


Transfer Student GuideTransfer Student Guide

Check out these important campus resources for student success!

Your on campus identification
The Pilot Card is your official LSUS identification card and your access to most on-campus services. You will need the Pilot Card to make purchases in the bookstore, attend campus events, and check out books from the library. You can also get great discounts from various stores by showing your Pilot Card. Get one in the University Center office (UC 262). Your first card is FREE and is active as long as you are enrolled.

Campus Technology

  • MyLSUS provides the ability for students to register, add, drop, pay fees, apply financial aid to tuition and fees, check grades, request transcripts and change certain demographic data online via our Student Web Services. Use your LSUS Student ID and PIN to access MyLSUS.
  • Student email is automatically given to all students upon enrollment. The student's email account is not created until two days before class begins and is accessed by your LSUS Student ID and PIN. LSUS email is the official means of communication, so check it often for notices and announcements.
  • Moodle provides faculty and students with ways to communicate outside of the classroom and to exchange documents and other course information.

Campus Wide Lab

The Campus-Wide Lab is a multipurpose computer facility that services the needs of the LSUS students. It is located in the University Center, the social hub of LSUS. This lab offers free printing and scanning, as well as providing a pleasant atmosphere for studying and doing homework. Because the Lab is completely funded by the Technology Fee, only currently enrolled LSUS students are allowed to use this facility. This lab is open until midnight most days and has weekend availability, catering to the working population of our student body. 

Student Development Center
Student Development offers a variety of programming designed to assist students in their adjustment to the University experience and to provide them with the responsibility and skills necessary to develop to their maximum potential. Student Development provides: Career Services, Mental Health Counseling, Disability Support, and Academic Support.

The LSUS Bookstore
The LSUS Bookstore provides a convenient and efficient source for the purchase of textbooks, tradebooks, school supplies, materials and other services related to campus life, at reasonable and competitive prices. The bookstore strives to exhibit exemplary customer service, to encourage cooperative relations within the university community, to provide services and resources appropriate to educational needs, and to strengthen University identity.


Get involved! Student Life offers a full and rich experience to all students. Check out the many opportunities, including:

Student Activities
Student Activities focuses on experiential learning and personal development by providing leadership opportunities and training, creating an atmosphere of discovery through educational and entertainment activities, exploring diversity of ideas, cultures and issues, coordinating and creating civic engagement through community service and encouraging campus recycling, environmental awareness and sustainability. 

Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports provides a comprehensive intramural program that fosters sportsmanship, collegial competition and an outlet for athletic participation; to create awareness, education, training and activities for personal and group fitness; to provide a holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual wellness; and to provide an outlet for group and individual outdoor recreation.

Student Government
The Student Government Association provides the opportunity for all students to participate in a significant manner in the operations of our University, to insure a practical system of self government, to represent the concerns of the student body, and to promote the general welfare of all students, do ordain and establish this constitution.

Student Organizations
Becoming involved in a campus organization provides opportunities to meet new people, develop leadership skills, and network with other students, campus and community members. There are many diverse opportunities ranging from Academic/Professional to Honor Societies to Greek Life to Student Government to Special Interest Groups to Student Media to Professional Associations to Sports Clubs to Faith Based Organizations to Spirit Groups.