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Student Support Services

Academic Coaching

LSUS is committed to student success, both in and out of the classroom. Academic coaching is one way LSUS helps students succeed. An Academic Coach works one-on-one with students to review schedules and commitments, set priorities, establish effective strategies for college learning and maintain focus. Meeting with an Academic Coach is helpful not only for students who may be struggling, but also students who wish to go from a "B" to an "A". Academic coaching at LSUS helps all students acheive their higher education goals through the development of research based learning skills and increased competency through a metacognitive approach.

Who Needs Coaching?
If you are not sure as to who would benefit from academic coaching and whether or not you may be a potential candiadte for these services, take a look at the following scenarios to see if any of these are applicable to you.

  • You study for long hours but it doesnt seem to be making a difference on exams
  • You have made a couple of B's and would like to be making all A's
  • You memorizine information and rarely are able to apply it in a meaningful way
  • You battle forgetting material before the test
  • School is something new for you, and you are trying to reaclimate to the college world
  • You dont see the point of going to class
  • Studying is something you only do the night before an exam

If you find that any of these scenarios or a scenario similar to the above apply to you, you are a great candidate for academic coaching. Academic coaches can provide students with encouragement, access to campus resources, and skills training in a wide vaiety of areas. LSUS Academic coaches are trained individuals with exptertise in the areas of...

  • Time management
  • Motvation
  • Memory and concentration
  • Listening and notetaking
  • College reading
  • Exam preparation
  • Overcoming academic anxiety

Contact the Student Development Center today to set up an appointment with an academic coach, 318-797-5365. You can also email academic coach, Caroline Jenkins, at to set up an appointment.