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Student Support Services

Academic Coaching

LSUS is committed to student success, both in and out of the classroom. Academic coaching is one way LSUS helps students succeed. An Academic Coach works with students to review schedules and commitments, set priorities, establish effective strategies for college learning and maintain focus.Meeting with an Academic Coach is helpful at specific times during the academic year, but also at times when specific academic issues or difficulties arise.

Academic Coaching is beneficial:

  • During the first few weeks of a new semester when students are adjusting to the new academic environment and committing to a study plan. Meeting with an academic coach early on helps students develop strategies based on class requirements, informs students of important campus resources and sets the stage for a successful semester.
  • During mid-term when tests and papers begin to accumulate. Working with an Academic Coach through mid-term helps students establish priorities and implement effective time management strategies. Students benefit because they tend to be less overwhelmed and tasks don't get overlooked.
  • At the end of the semester when some students struggle wirth motivation and burnout. An Academic Coach can assist students in maintaining their focus and "staying the course." 

Students also benefit from Academic Coaching when specific academic issues or difficulties arise. Coaches can provide encouragement, access to campus resources, and information about LSUS policies. Even before students experience difficulty, Academic Coaches can be helpful by addressing learning or life management skills, such as:

Other links to study skills in college:

  • The University of St. Thomas provides an excellent resource for how to approach the task of studying in college. Study Guides and Strategies is located at
  • How to Study is a comprehensive site providing information on Getting Ready to Study, Taking In Information, Remembering, and Output. It is worth checking out and is located at

Campus Resources: