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Student Development

Student Support Services

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning from failure."
~Colin Powell


Work at the university level is usually thought of as more difficult than high school. There are more reading assignments, and the exams and papers cover a greater amount of material. Instructors expect students to do more work outside the classroom. To be most successful, students must take responsibility for their academic career. Because the work is so different and so much more demanding than high school, many students need to adjust their approach to studying. Although not every student uses the same study strategies, all successful students use strategies for managing their time, taking notes, organizing reading material and preparing for exams.

LSUS is committed to your success and offers these services to assist you in learning about yourself as a learner and in developing strategies that work for you. Whether you are needing to learn some new strategies for success, seeking individualized assistance from one of our Academic Coaches, wanting to attend a study skills workshop, or searching for information about college life, you will likely find something on these pages to move you toward your academic goals.