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Student Advocacy and Accountability

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Academic Integrity

Student rights and responsibilities are provided in the Code of Student Conduct. High standards of academic integrity are critical for LSU Shreveport to fulfill its educational mission.

Understanding Plagiarism

Nearly everyone understands that copying exact phrases from another writer's work and representing them as one's own work constitutes plagiarism. However, plagiarism involves much more. LSU Shreveport defines plagiarism as including any use of another's work and submitting that work as one's own. This means not only copying passages of writing or direct quotations, but also paraphrasing or using the same structure or ideas without citation. Learning how to paraphrase and when and how to cite is an essential step in maintaining academic integrity.

Plagiarism occurs most often in written work, but can occur in other types of scholarly work, including computer code, music, scientific data and analysis, and electronic publications.


A paraphrase is the use of another's ideas to enhance one's own work. In a paraphrase, the author rewrites, in his or her own words, the ideas taken from the original source. Paraphrased material is not set within quotation marks, but must still be cited. While the ideas may be borrowed, the borrower's writing must be entirely original. Changing a few words or rearranging words or sentences is not paraphrasing. Even if properly cited, a paraphrase that is too similar to the writing of the original is plagiarized. A paraphrase is usually more concise than the original and always has a different sentence structure and word choice.


Unauthorized collaboration and plagiarism and are very closely related areas of academic dishonesty. Both involve the same fundamental deception: the representation of another's work as one's own. Group efforts that are not approved by the instructor often constitute plagiarism, in addition to unauthorized collaboration. If you have any questions regarding whether work should be completed individually or as a group, ask your instructor for guidelines.

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