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Staff Senate


The Staff Senate site has been created so that every staff employee can learn the purpose of the Staff Senate and how to get involved. The site will provide updates on issues and events affecting the staff at LSUS.

The LSUS Staff Senate was organized for staff employees in January 1994 to serve in an advisory and consultative role with the University Administration to promote understanding, cooperation, and communication within the LSUS campus community.

The Staff Senate is made up of representatives in every EEO group on campus. Those who serve on the Staff Senate are elected by their peers or by submitting their name to serve on the Staff Senate for a three year term.

The meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month and are open to the public. We encourage your attendance and your involvement on committees as a non-senator.  You can also get involved by enrolling in the Staff Senate Support Fund Payroll Deduction program.  Click Here for access to the Payroll Deduction registration form. For as little as $1.00 per paycheck ($1.33 for 9-month faculty), you will help support Staff Senate sponsored programs such as:

  • The annual Faculty-Staff Holiday Luncheon*
  • The annual Faculty-Staff Spring Luncheon*
  • Tailgate parties for LSUS sporting events
  • Lunch and Learn programs that promote faculty/staff personal and professional development
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