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Purchasing Procedures

All purchases are to be made in accordance with procedures established pursuant to Louisiana R.S. 39 and Louisiana R.S. 38 for Public Works contracts.

A. Small purchases
Purchases not exceeding $25,000 or any purchase of those items listed under Non-competitive purchases on this website.

B. Invitation to Bid
Purchases over $25,000

C. Public Works
Purchases for construction, remodeling, and additions

D. Emergency
Purchases made in "a situation that creates a threat to public health, welfare, safety, or property, such as may arise by reason of floods, epidemics, riots, equipment failure, or such reasons as may be proclaimed by the Commissioner of Administration."

E. State Contract
Purchases from contracts that have been set up by State Purchasing through the bid process.

F. Sole Source
Procurement of an item(s) or service that is available through only one supplier.

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