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Property Control Procedures

The Property Control Office is located in the Purchasing Office in the administration building and currently has one part-time Property Manager who maintains the inventory of property for the University. State law requires all movable property purchased by the State of Louisiana with an "original" acquisition cost of $1000 or greater be placed on inventory. All weapons and computers (including iPads and tablets), regardless of cost, must also be placed on inventory.  All equipment that has an acquisition cost of $100 or greater and will be set up at an "off campus" location (schools with dual enrollment, etc.) must be tagged. "Movable" property is equipment not attached as a permanent part of a building. Property is different from supplies in that supplies are consumable through normal use in a year's time. The University has procedures in place to keep up with all movable property.

Annual Inventory Certification
Each year, beginning in February, the property control office conducts an annual physical inventory of every department's inventory. Each department chair is responsible for designating a property custodian to locate each piece of movable equipment on that department's inventory, and the department chair must certify the property is located in said place before the inventory is forwarded to the Property Manager. The procedures that are currently in place are designed to facilitate the annual inventory process.

Repairs/Items leaving campus
Each department should designate a property custodian who will coordinate with the Property Manager concerning equipment on inventory that must leave campus for repair or to be taken off campus temporarily by an employee. A request for temporary removal of state property must be completed and on file with the department's property custodian and a copy forwards to the Property Manager.

Relinquishing Equipment
There are basically four ways equipment is given up by a department. The first is transfer of ownership between departments. The second is transfer by surplus to State Property Control in Baton Rouge, the third is by scrap, and the forth is by dismantling for parts. Each requires action by the department and by the Property Control Manager. The department is responsible for initiating a request by a property transfer form to the Property Manager requesting action for the equipment. This form must be signed by the requesting department's property custodian and in the case of property transferred to another department, must also be signed by the receiving department. The form then must be forwarded to the Property Manager for action. The Property Manager will complete the necessary paperwork to transfer the item.

Stolen Items
Theft must always be reported as soon as possible to Campus Police. It is the responsibility of the department to obtain and forward a copy of the incident report to the Property Manager. State law requires that stolen items be carried on inventory for three years if Campus Police determine there has been no forced entry. A request to remove the item must accompany the incident report showing forced entry in order for the item to be removed from inventory.

All donated items with a fair market value of $1000 or greater must be reported to the Property Manager.

Non-tagged Equipment
Non-tagged equipment cannot be removed for scrap, transfer to surplus, or dismantling for parts without proper authorization from Property Assistance in Baton Rouge. This request must be initiated by the Property Manager and not by the individual departments.

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