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Student Services and Policies

University Police

The University employs a staff of full-time, commissioned police officers who maintain campus security around the clock.  In or out of uniform, these officers possess all authority granted to peace officers under state law.  Each commissioned officer is Louisiana P.O.S.T. certified from a law enforcement training program.  When they see or learn of crimes, officers will ordinarily conduct the investigation, make arrests and work with local authorities as the case passes through the court system. 

The LSUS Police also monitor parking areas and investigate traffic accidents.  Questions concerning the operation and parking of vehicles should be directed to an officer upon receiving an LSUS parking decal.  Detailed traffic regulations are printed in the Student Handbook, in brochures available at registration or found online Details regarding the appeal process for citations can also be found there as well.

Emergencies:  In an emergency, LSUS Police can be contacted at 5082 from a campus phone or at 318-455-5497 from any other phone.  There are also phones in each elevator and emergency call boxes at many locations on campus which connect to the LSUS Police.  An Emergency Procedures booklet is available online.