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Student Services and Policies

Student Employment

On Campus employment is available to students in two ways.  The first kind of on-campus employment opportunity a student can pursue is through the Federal Work-Study Program. The second kind of on-campus employment opportunity a student can pursue is funded through regular departmental budgers.  Students pursue these opportunities in different ways.  

The Federal Work-Study Program is a joint effort by the federal government and the university to provide jobs for students who need financial assistance to attend college. Only students who qualify for the program can participate. To learn more about the program and to determine if you qualify to participate, contact the Financial Aid Office, located in office suite 159 of the Administration Building. If you qualify, they will help you locate an available work-study opportunity.

Other campus job opportunities offered outside of Federal Work-Study can be secured by either contacting Career Services or by contacting the department in which the student desires to work. During the fall and spring semesters, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week and only full-time students will be approved for campus employment of this nature. As a first step, stop by Career Services and staff can direct you about what to do next. Full-time high school students and full-time students attending a college or university other than LSUS are eligible for employment by LSUS; however, preference is given to hiring LSUS students when available. 

Any student who secures on-campus employment must complete a Federal I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification) within three days of being hired. This form must be submitted to the Human Resources Office, located in office suite 109 of the Administration Building.

If a student is interested in pursuing opportunities off-campus, they can explore part-time and full-time jobs listed with Career Services. To learn more visit Career Services in its new location in the Student Success Center, call 318-797-5062, email, or visit

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