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Student Services and Policies

Sexual Assault

Educational programs and information concerning prevention of sexual assault is available through the University Center Office and the Student Development Office. Adjudication of sexual assault incidents will be handled by the Student Conduct Board.  Possible sanctions are listed under the Student Conduct Code.  Both the accuser and the accused are entitled to have an advisor and witnesses present during campus disciplinary hearings, and both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding.
Counseling for students who are victims of sexual assault is available through the Student Development Office, AD 227, 318-797-5365 and/or referral to a community agency such as the Project Celebration, Inc. Sexual Assault Center at 318-227-7900.  If a student is a victim of sexual assault, he or she may contact the local police department directly or seek the assistance of the University Police, AD 124, 318-797-5082 or the title IX coordinator, AD 208.  In order to preserve evidence that may be necessary as proof of criminal sexual assault, the student should not bathe or change clothes or disturb the location where the incident occurred.  The student should save all clothing and items involved and refrain from consuming anything or smoking until after an examination by medical personnel is conducted.

Any student who is the victim of an alleged sexual assault incident may request a change in academic or living situations by contacting the title IX coordinator in AD 208 or 318-797-5116.

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