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Student Activities

Student Opportunities for Involvement

The ALMAGEST is produced by LSUS students for the purpose of informing the university community of news concerning LSUS. All students are offered the opportunity to work on the newspaper as editors, reporters, cartoonists, contributing writers and photographers and learn the fundamentals and mechanics of reporting news and publishing a newspaper. For information, contact the Almagest Office at 318-797-5328.

The purpose of the LSUS ATHLETICS (Intercollegiate) PROGRAM is to promote the education, development and enrichment of students through intercollegiate athletic participation. Intercollegiate athletics represents an important part of the university educational program, and many lasting friendships are formed as a result of association through athletics. This program is open to full-time, regularly enrolled undergraduates who are in good standing with the university and who are in compliance with the eligibility requirements of the national association. Students play for the educational and recreational values of participation. The "Pilots" athletic program includes Olympic weightlifting, men's basketball, baseball and soccer, and women's basketball, soccer and tennis.  For information about "Pilots" athletics, contact the Athletic Department, at 318-797-5194.

The FORENSICS AND DEBATE PROGRAM is designed for students with an interest in speaking, interpretation or acting. Participation is open to any regularly enrolled LSUS student regardless of curriculum or degree program. Members of the Forensics and Debate Team may earn one hour academic credit for their participation (by enrolling in Communications 165 Forensics or Communications 365 Debate) for each semester up to a total of three hours credit in each course. Participation in Forensics and Debate also enables the student to qualify for membership in Pi Kappa Delta, the national forensics fraternity. Additional information may be obtained from the Department of Communications at 318-797-5376.

The RECREATIONAL SPORTS PROGRAM at LSUS provides a comprehensive and varied program of both competitive and recreational sports for students, faculty and staff. The program includes competition in men's and co-ed divisions for individual, dual and team sports. In addition, recreational sports offers fitness and wellness programs including group exercise classes and wellness seminars.  Schedules, registration and other information may be obtained by visiting the Recreational Sports Office on the second floor of the University Center, by calling 318-797-5393 or by accessing the Recreational Sports website.   

LSUS offers RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS (ROTC) cooperatively with Northwestern State University. ROTC offers a wide variety of Military Science courses and other programs geared to assist students in obtaining college degrees and commissions as officers in the Army, National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve. Instruction is divided into Basic and Advanced Courses. The Basic Course normally covers the freshman and sophomore years and is usually limited to one or two semester hours of classroom lecture per semester. Students enrolled in the Basic Course have no obligation to the Army. The Advanced Course normally consists of the junior and senior years; however, advanced placement may be granted for students with prior military service. Students desiring ROTC commissions must receive credit for the Basic Course and complete the Advanced Course. Students may apply for two or three-year ROTC scholarships. Other programs available to students without obligation are a six-week Basic Summer Camp at any Army installation. More in-depth information may be obtained by contacting the LSUS Military Science Department at 318-797-5264.

SPECTRA, a literary anthology, is published each spring by students interested in imaginative writing. All students are invited to submit poems, essays or short stories for publication. Contact the English Department at 318-797-5369.

The STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD (SAB) is composed of students who plan and implement social, cultural, recreational and service programs for students, faculty and staff. All students are encouraged to apply for positions on the SAB by contacting the Student Activities Office in the University Center, by calling 318-797-5393 or visiting the Student Activities Board website.

The STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION (SGA) is a comprehensive governing body which initiates and facilitates actions on student life. The guiding philosophy of this organization is service, special projects and legislation which will enhance the quality of life for the LSUS community. The student body relies on the SGA to voice problems and concerns. It is the responsibility of the SGA to see that issues are addressed in the most comprehensive, efficient manner possible. For more information, visit the SGA Office in the University Center, call 318-797-5342 or visit the SGA website.  

The STUDENT ORGANIZATION COUNCIL (SOC) is composed of the president or a representative from each registered student organization. The SOC provides the opportunity for communication and coordination of events among organizations as well as training to help organizations be effective. The SOC represents the concerns of student organizations and recommends policies and procedures. To view the university's registered LSUS student organizations, please visit the Student Organization website

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