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Reading Room Regulations

  • Patrons must register daily and discuss research needs with staff. Be prepared to present identification.
  • Use Call Slips on reading tables to request desired material.
  • No food or drink may be brought into the reading room.
  • Use only pencils or laptop computer for note taking. Do not mark on, trace, lean on, fold or tear archival materials.
  • Use cotton gloves when handling photos and negatives (obtain gloves from staff).
  • Preserve the established order of items in folders and the numerical order of folders in boxes. If something appears to be out of order, alert staff but do not rearrange it (Use material from only one box at a time).
  • Ask staff for copying procedure if you need photocopies. Allow a three-day turn-a-round for scans.
  • LSUS Northwest Louisiana Archives are closed stacks and non-circulating. Researchers may not browse the stacks, and no materials may be removed except by LSUS Northwest Louisiana Archives staff.
  • No archival material will be pulled later than 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • Please set cell phones on vibrate. Exit into the lobby to conduct phone conversations.
  • The patron assumes responsibility for compliance with copyright, literary rights, or other legal questions arising from patron's use of archival material.
  • Cite archival materials used for display or in published or unpublished works: [Item, Collection Name] LSUS Northwest Louisiana Archives, Noel Memorial Library.

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