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Archives and Special Collections


  • Copyright Policy

    What is the copyright (reproduction) policy regarding materials belonging to LSUS Archives and Special Collections?

  • Donor Guide for the Archives

    A donor's guide to the preservation of personal and family papers and records of organizations: What to preserve -- Gifts and access -- Quotation -- Financial aspects.

  • Policy for Donations to the Archives

    What is the Donor Policy?

  • Where do I go for more information?

    Where Do I Go For More Information? About North Louisiana History -- About United States History -- About Other Archives and Special Collections in Louisiana -- About Preserving Historical Materials -- About Professional Organizations

  • Archives Hours

    What are the hours of operation for Archives and Special Collections?

  • For the Record

    LSUS Archives and Special Collections monitors all business occurring in the state legislature and governor’s office related to archives or public records.

  • Permission to Publish

    Policy regarding publishing or displaying reproductions obtained from the LSUS Archives and Special Collections

  • Photocopying of Archival Materials

    What are the Charges for Copying?

  • What makes a rare book rare?

    What makes a rare book rare? Demand -- Availability -- Condition -- Special features -- Association -- Sources -- Search tool -- Databases

  • Reading Room Regulations

    Reading Room Rules

  • Personal Cameras and Scanners

    Policy on personal cameras and scanners