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Noel Memorial Library


In the Fall of the 2015, an eTextbook initiative was launched as a result of Board of Regents funding dedicated to reducing students costs. The etextbooks are available to all LSUS students as a result of this project. Additionally, other open education etextbooks currently being used at LSUS are also provided below.

Communications 135
Introduction to Public Speaking
Introduction to Public Speaking

Communications 470
Theatre and Film
Instructor: Alford
American Drama in the Age of Film

Doubt: A Parable

Education 318
Reading/Writing Processes II
Instruction: Williams
Guided Comprehension in Grades 3-8

Education 319
Practicum in Reading
Instructor: Williams
RTI: A Practitioner's Guide to Implementing Response to Intervention

Education 484
Educational Telecommunications, Networks, and the Internet
Instructor: Hardaway
Web 2.0: How-to for Educators

Education 743
Practicum in Reading
nstructor: Williams
Reading Specialist: Leadership and Coaching for the Classroom, School, and Community

Educational Leadership 701
Leading with Vision
Instructor: Russ
Leading in a Culture of Change

Educational Leadership 713
Mobilizing the Community
Instructor: Unknown
Engaging All Families

English 301
Introduction to Linguistics
Instructors: Dubose and Morris
5-Minute Linguist

English 405
Early Classics in Translation
Instructor: Dubose and Morris
Classics in Translation, Volume 1: Greek Literature

Classics in Translation, Volume 2: Latin Literature

HPE 100 / HPE 143
Jogging and Walking for Fitness
Instructor: Demello / Gunderson
Fitness Running

Liberal Arts 791
Greek and Roman Culture
Instructor: Dubose
Classics in Translation, Volume 1: Greek Literature

Classics in Translation, Volume 2: Latin Literature

Math 254
Elementary Linear Algebra
Instructor: Lengvarszky
Elementary Linear Algebra

NPA 703
Nonprofit Law
Instructor: Dolch
Bruce R. Hopkins Non Profit Law Library: Essential Questions and Answers

NPA 706
Nonprofit Administration Research Methods
Instructor: Troth
Winning Grants: Step by Step

Philosophy 105
Introduction to Philosophy
Instructor: White
Philosophy and Philosophers

Political Science 151
American Government
Instructors: Pederson and Sadow
Great Speeches

Selected Federalist Papers

Psychology 740
Psychopharmacology for Practitioners
Instructor: Nolan
Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists

Sociology 107
Gender, Race, Class
Instructors: Wise
Unequal Childhoolds: Class, Race, and Family Life

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