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Library Services & Policies

Lockers and Study Rooms

Public lockers are available on the 2nd Floor of the Noel Memorial Library for faculty, staff, and students for 7 day checkouts with a valid university ID or official identification card. Locker keys are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

  1. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Any lockers for which the key is not returned to the Circulation/Reserves Desk will be emptied after 3 days, and the locker contents will be stored in the Libraries' Lost and Found for 30 days, with the exception of library books which will be returned to circulation.
  3. Materials kept in lockers are the responsibility of the user. The Library is not responsible for the contents of the locker.
  4. No hazardous or illegal objects may be stored in lockers.
  5. Library materials stored in your locker MUST be checked out to your library account.
  6. Violation of these rules may result in suspension of privileges.

Study Room Policy
Individual and group study rooms are available on both the first and second floor of the library. Two group study rooms are located on the first floor and additional AV/study rooms are located on the second floor, inside the Microforms & Media Room. All group study rooms are designed for groups of two or more, but may be used by an individual if no group is present. A single user must vacate the study room if a group arrives and requests the room.

Group Study Room Policy

One member of each group should sign in at the library Reference Desk for first floor study rooms. One group member should sign in at the Microforms & Media Desk for 2nd floor study rooms.

The time limit for study rooms is two hours from the recorded sign in time. If all study rooms are already occupied, an incoming group may make a later reservation.

Groups composed of two or more LSUS students have priority in reserving and using study rooms. The person signing in may be asked to show a current, valid LSUS ID card. Non-LSUS students may be asked to show a valid form of identification.

A room may be reserved up to a week in advance either in person or via telephone; individuals will be asked to identify their status as a LSUS or a non-LSUS group at the time the reservation is made. Non-LSUS groups may reserve a study room, but will be bumped from the reservation/room use if the room is subsequently requested by a LSUS group.

If a reservation is in place, but 2 or more group members do not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled reservation time, another group may sign in to use the room.

The normal two hour use period may be extended if no other group has a reservation in place or is waiting to use the room.

Students needing audiovisual equipment have priority in the use of Rooms 226 and 227.

Food, drinks, and tobacco products are not allowed in the study rooms.

The library reserves the right to ask any group to leave a study room for a food/drink violation or for excessive noise.

The person who signed in for the group should also sign out for the group. Upon leaving the study room, users should make sure the room is in good condition-any damage will be attributed to the last group using the room. The library is not responsible for personal items left unattended in the study rooms.

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