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Library Services & Policies

Gift Policy

This policy addresses accepting gifts of books, journals, videos and resources in other formats offered to the Noel Memorial Library in support of teaching and research information needs of University students and faculty. The Library welcomes and appreciates gifts from personal collections in support of the academic teaching and research mission of the university. The Library relies heavily on donors to add depth to the collections and to help sustain its growth.

Material Donations
Upon receipt, donated materials become the property of the Friends of the Noel Memorial Library, a tax-exempt organization under the LSUS Foundation dedicated to the support of LSUS and its students. Library faculty will select from donated materials items to be added to the collection. The Library is under no obligation to discuss retention discussions with the donor or other parties; however, items not added to the collection may still support the Library through the annual booksale.

In developing the Library collection, the library considers materials which :

  • Support the teaching and research needs of the university
  • Works published within the past three years
  • Scholarly treatment of topics

Monetary Donations
Gifts of funds in support of the Library are also appreciated. Such gifts may be designated to support a specific subject area, the purchase of suggested resources needed by LSUS faculty, or may be designated for unrestricted use of the Library. For monetary donations that are not designated specifically for collection development, please contact the Dean of the Library at 318-798-4131.

Book Honoraria / Memorials are perfect for honoring or remembering a friend, relative, student, faculty member, or co-worker. We accept all levels of contributions. Honoraria / memorials are recognized with a bookplate and a note in the library catalog. With each gift, a special letter will be sent to the honoree or their family.

Donors should complete the Book Memorial Form (PDF). You can select a title of your choice or indicate a subject area. The Library suggests donating a title from a list of Faculty recommendations. See below.

Please make checks payable to the LSUS Foundation.

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that there are no conditions attached to their disposition.

Gifts to which the donor has attached conditions, such as those concerning retention, housing, or classification, may not be accepted for inclusion in the collections, nor can the Library impose restrictions on use which will negatively affect access to the materials. Gifts that will require commitment of funds or special facilities must be approved by the Dean of the Library. Personal papers and donations to the Archives and Specials collections are governed by a separate policy administered by that department.

Tax Deductions for Material Donations
Federal tax law generally allows individual donors who give non-cash gifts to the University to claim a charitable contribution deduction for the fair market value of the gift. Donors are encouraged to consult legal, tax accounting, or other professional advisors about the current IRS regulations ( governing non-cash charitable contributions.

The Libray is not permitted by the IRS to give donors an estimate of the value of gifts. Donors are responsible for meeting the appraisal requirements of the IRS for any contributions claimed. The Library will provide a gift letter indicating the number of items donated to the collection.

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