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Library Services & Policies

General Policies

The mission of the Library is to participate actively in the educational programs of LSUS by collecting, organizing, making readily available, and assisting in the use of materials by students, faculty, staff, and community through individual and group instruction. In doing so, the Library maintains an environment conducive to supporting the mission.

  • The library reserves the right to ask any patron to leave the library for food/drink violation or for excessive noise.
  • The use of video equipment in Noel Memorial Library is allowed with permission from the Dean of the Library. Such permission will be granted when it is clear that materials will not be endangered and that there is minmal or no disruption to other students.
  • The use of library space such as the 3rd floor assembly room and atrium is reserved through the Dean of the Library.
  • Drinks are permitted in securely covered containers only. Small bite-size snacks are permitted. Foods taht are greasy or crumbly are not permitted.
  • Food and drink of any kind are not permitted aroudn the following: computers, printers, and areas dedicated to the Noel Collection and the Archives and Special Collections.
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