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Checking Out Books

How many books can I check out at once?

  • Undergraduates may check out up to 30 books at one time; graduate students may check out up to 50 books at one time.

How long can I keep my books?

  • The standard checkout period for most patrons is three weeks.  Library materials can be renewed through the My Account feature of the Library's online catalog.  Students must return all library materials on the last day of final exam week.


Databases Assistance

I want to access the Library online resources from off-campus, but I'm getting prompted for a User ID and a PIN.  What do I use?

  • Students:  use the same logon ID and PIN combination that you currently use for myLSUS (formerly COMPASS).
  • Faculty/staff:  use your 4- or 5- digit PID, and your 4- digit PIN (generally your month/day of birth in MMDD format).
  • To retrieve your PIN, click here.


Does the Library have......?

Does the Library have textbooks for my class?

  • The Library does not purchase copies of course texts.  The Library collects materials to supplement textbooks.  Occasionally, a faculty member may donate a copy or place a textbook on reserve, but we strongly advise to students to purchase textbooks.

Does the Library have a fax machine?

  • At this time, there is not a fax machine available for public use in the Library.

Is there a pay phone in the Library?

  • There is a phone by the Bronson Hall exit doors for public use.  There is no charge to use this phone; however, it does not allow long-distance calls.  Pre-paid phone cards can be used to make long-distance calls from this phone.
Are tutoring services available through the Library?
  • For free online help, you can connect to a tutor through Homework Louisiana. Tutors are available Sunday - Thursday from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

 My professor mentioned plagiarism, what is it and how do I avoid plagiarising?


Late and Lost Material

What are the fines for overdue books?

  • The Library charges .20 per day, per item, with a maximum overdue fine of $10 per item (fines for Interlibrary Loan materials differ, see below).
  • Please note that Interlibrary Loan books carry a $1 per day, per item late fee, and there is no maximum.
  • Library Reserve items also have varying late fees.
  • Long overdue books, and books kept past the last day of the semester, will be considered lost. A processing fee of $10, plus a replacement fee of $68 per item, will be charged in addition to the accumulated late fees.

What happens if I lose a book, or a book is damaged while charged out to me?

  • A processing fee of $10, plus a replacement fee of $68 per item, will be charged for a lost book.
  • Late fees for lost books will be calculated based upon the number of days the book is past due when the patron notifies the library that a book has been lost.
  • Books damaged beyond repair will be subject to the same fees as lost books. Fees for lesser damage will be assessed based upon the extent of the damage.
  • Please note that replacement fees for Interlibrary Loan books are determined by the lending library.

What happens if I pay for a lost book that I later find?

  • If returned within one year from the date of payment for a lost book, a refund of the replacement fee will be made to the person who paid for the book. The processing fee and fine are non-refundable.

Where do I go to pay library fees?

  • Library fees can be paid to the cashier located on the first floor of the Administration Building, between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Fees may also be paid online through COMPASS.
  • LSUS students should note that all library fees must be paid in order to receive grades; to complete registration for future semesters; to graduate; or to request transcripts.


Where is the ......?

My class is meeting in the Library today, where do I go?

  • Generally, classes held in the Library will meet in the classroom, located on the second floor in the Microforms and Media department.  Classes do sometimes meet on the third floor in the Archives or in the Noel Collection.


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