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Gift Process

Every year, the LSUS Foundation processes numerous gifts of all sizes. We value every gift and handle each one professionally and efficiently. All gifts, regardless of size, are processed through the following steps:

We provide a gift agreement.  We provide gift agreements for all individual gifts and pledges of $10,000 or more. Agreements outline the purpose, form, schedule and administration of gifts. For smaller gifts, donors may document their preferences with letters or notes on their checks.

We convert the gift to cash. Non-cash gifts, such as securities, buildings and land, require special processing. The Foundation converts these gifts to cash.

We place the gift in an account.  Every gift goes into an endowed or non-endowed operational account as specified by the donor. The Foundation disburses funds from accounts as defined by donors' preferences and applicable law.

We send a receipt.  We mail a receipt (in the form of a letter with tax substantiation information) for every gift. Receipts provide donors with proof of their contributions.

We send any necessary acknowledgments. When a donor makes a gift in memory or honor of someone, we send an acknowledgment to the individual or the individual's family in accordance with the donor's wishes.

We disburse funds to LSUS.  If the gift is non-endowed, the Foundation disburses the entire gift as designated by the donor and when requested by the university. If the gift is endowed, we invest it until it has generated enough to fund the stipend (operational funds) and the benefiting university department requests a disbursement in accordance with applicable governing authorities and law.

We accept gifts in a variety of ways.  As a service to our donors, the Foundation accepts gifts made with a credit card, check or online or through acts of transfer. We are happy to work with our donors in creating flexible payment schedules for all gifts, property transfers and pledges.