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Institutional Effectiveness and Planning


Institutional effectiveness presumes that an institution is engaging in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes that incorporate a systematic review of programs and services that result in continuing improvement and demonstrate that the institution is effectively accomplishing its mission.

The university is expected to document quality and effectiveness by employing a comprehensive system of planning and evaluation in all major aspects of the institution. Planning and evaluation of teaching, research, service, administration, and educational support should be thorough, broad-based, integrated and appropriate. Institutional effectiveness provides documentation of planning, assessment, and the use of results in decision-making.

Fast Facts

All Students
Total Enrollment 4,746
Undergraduate Students
% Female 60
% Male 40
% Part-Time 36
Average Age 24
Enrollment 2,587
TOPS Eligible 570
First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen
Average Composite ACT 22.52
Average English ACT 23.36
Average Math ACT 21.02
High School GPA 3.14
Graduate Students
% Female 60
% Male 40
% Part-Time 80
Average Age 34
Enrollment 2,159
Full-Time Faculty
% Holding Doctorate 82
Total 122
Student-Faculty Ratio
Ratio 20:1
Minority Students
% African American 22
% Other Minorities 8
% Total Minority 30
Total 1,398
Degree Programs
Graduate 12
Undergraduate 25
Total Employees
Total 291