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ZDrive HowTo

All students, faculty, and staff on the LSUS campus have access to a small file storage area accessible both on campus and via the Internet.  This storage area is commonly called the Z drive, because Z is the drive letter it assumes while on campus.  There are three methods available to you to access your Z drive.

On Campus Access

Your Z drive will be mapped automatically when you log into a computer through the LSUS domain.  If this does not happen, it could indicate a problem with your storage space.  Please contact IT Services at 797-5221 or to attempt to resolve the issue.

Secure Web Access

The easiest way to access your Z drive from off campus is through the secure web interface.  This can be loaded using any browser and requires the same credentials used for email and Moodle.

Secure FTP Access

A user may wish to connect to their storage area with an FTP client.  If this is the case, you must use an SFTP client to connect securely to your storage area.  FileZilla is a popular free client capable of SFTP which can be found at  The settings necessary to connect can be found below.

Basic Settings

Port: 22
Server type: SFTP
The username and password are the same as those used for email and Moodle.
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