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Email HowTo

Students with email setup questions should drop by the Campus Wide Lab in the University Center, Room 109.

Email Setup

For users trying to set up their home computer or laptop computer to access their LSUS email, the following guides should be of use.  For those trying to setup their mobile phone to read email, please view our mobile phone how-tos here.

Basic Settings

IMAP Server Settings for Students
Incoming Server:
Authentication: YourStudentID, Encryption: SSL, Port: 993 
Outgoing Server:
Authentication: YourStudentID, Encryption: TLS (SSLv3.1+), Port: 587

IMAP Server Settings for Faculty/Staff
Incoming Server:
Authentication: YourUsername, Encryption: SSL, Port: 993
Outgoing Server:
Authentication: YourUsername, Encryption: TLS (SSLv3.1+), Port: 587  

Email Guides



Other Common Tasks

LSUS Email Forwarding
Students are able to forward their email to another email account they own, so they are not required to check multiple accounts. All email that is forwarded is also retained on the LSUS email servers. You must do this through the Outlook Web Access  (OWA) premium client, which is only available through Internet Explorer.

Log into your student email using the OWA premium client.

  1. Select the Options button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the Create an inbox rule...button in the drop down menu.
  3. Select the New...button in the new Inbox Rules window.
  4. Under When the message arrives, and: select Apply to all messages or the appropriate rule.
  5. Under Do the following: select Redirect this Message to...
  6. Enter the appropriate email in the To-> box or select an email.
  7. Click OK then click Save

Additional Information

Getting an Account
Student email accounts are generated automatically.
Note: Email accounts for newly enrolled students become available 2-3 days before classes begin.

Your Email Address, Username, and Password
Your email address is your last name, first initial, and last two digits of your student ID.
Example: John Doe with a student ID of J930000012 would have an email address of

Your username is your student ID.

Your password is the same password used to access myLSUS.



Pop-Up Blocker Issues
If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, you might be experiencing a problem when you try to reply to or forward e-mails. This is a known issue within Windows and the solution to fix it is listed below.

How to fix this problem:
If you have upgraded to Windows XP Service Pack 2, one of the security features embedded into this upgrade is the "Pop-up Blocker". Computing Services does not recommend that you disable this useful feature, but we do recommend that you do the following simple workaround to fix this issue:

  1. Log into your LSUS e-mail account via the web.
  2. Using the menu items across the top of your browser, click on Tools (Located between Favorites & Help).
  3. Under Tools highlight "Pop-up Blocker" and select "Pop-up Blocker Settings"
  4. Once the window opens you will need to type the following into the "Address of Web site to Allow":
  5. Click on Add
  6. Now click Close.

This simple workaround should fix your issue. If you have any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Information Technology Services at (318) 797-5221 or

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