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Dental Insurance (United HealthCare)

Vendor:  United HealthCare

Customer Service: 1-877-816-3596
Policy Number: 0903022

2019 Annual Enrollment Information:  The period of time to enroll or make changes to your dental plan is October 1 - October 31st. Plan changes are effective 01/01/2019.  There will be no changes wtih the plan design as long as you utilize in-network providers. If you are utilizing an out-of-network provider, you may see an increase in member responsibility when you go to the dentist. To find an in-network provider, please visit and select the National PPO 20 option. There is a 5% premium increase on both the basic and enhanced dental plans. You may add or delete dependents or switch between the plans during annual enrollment. Even if employees are not making any changes, it is still recommended that employees still review and complete their Workday open enrollment event to make sure all dependents are listed and all coverage is correct.  All active employee changes will need to be made in Workday by 4:30 pm on October 31st. Please review the Workday job aid for additional details. Retiree changes will need to be submitted to HR by 4:30 pm on October 31st.

United Healthcare is the dental vendor for the LSU System.  LSUS employees may choose a basic or enhanced dental plan. The Basic Plan has an annual $50 deductible per plan member, up to $150 for family coverage. Preventive care will not apply to the annual maximum. The Enhanced Plan has a rollover feature. Plan members who utilize preventive care and spend $750 or less, will be able to roll over $400 to the following plan year. The maximum rollover amount is $3,000. Plan members who receive all preventive care and all care is with an in-network provider will receive an additional $100 toward their annual maximum. The annual maximum will is $1500 and the preventive care does not count toward the maximum.

Learn about your Dental Benefits
1) Read about it: View page 11 of the enrollment guide to learn about your benefits. Click here to view the guide.
2) Watch a brief video: Please click on the following link for a video presentation of the plan
3) Click here to view the Plan Document for the Enhanced dental plan.
4) Click here to view the Summary for the Enhanced dental plan.
5) Click here to view the Plan Document for the Basic dental plan.
6) Click here to view the Summary for the Basic dental plan.

Monthly premiums are listed below. Dental Premiums will be deducted on a pre-tax basis (Premiums Only Plan).

             2019 MONTHLY PREMIUMS (12-month employee)

Employee Only

Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)


Dental Basic





Dental Enhanced





             2019 MONTHLY PREMIUMS (9-month employee)

Employee Only

Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)


Dental Basic





Dental Enhanced





ENROLLMENT / Change Form
Employees should make all changes in Workday.  Retirees can Click here for the enrollment / change form.

Employee Eligibility

Any active employee of LSUS is eligible for dental insurance provided the following:
Employed at 75% of full-time effort or greater (at least 30 hours per week);
Appointed for a duration of at least one semester or 121 days or greater Enrollment

Dependent Eligibility

The covered employee's legal spouse
- A child from the date of birth up to 26 years of age (regardless of student status or tax status)

New Hires and Mid-Year Changes

New Hires must complete an election form within the first 30 days of employment. 
Mid-year changes are allowed for IRS "qualifying events" within 30 days of the event. Qualifying events are: change in family status (birth, marriage, divorce, legal separation, change in employment status of employee or spouse), changes required by judgment, FMLA qualified leaves of absence, significant cost or coverage changes.  Proof of the qualifying event is required in order to make a mid-year change. All changes must be completed in Workday.

Effective Dates of Coverage
The effective date for new hires is the first of the month following a full month of employment. For example, a person who is hired on August 20th, and elects coverage within the first 30 days of employment will have coverage begining October 1st. All elections must be completed within the first 30 days in Workday.

Search for in-network providers
Please go to to search for in-network providers and select the PPO 20 network.
Can't find your dentist? Nominate their practice to become an in-network provider. Click here for the nomination form.


Terminating employees have the option to continue dental benefits through COBRA.

Continuing Coverage as a Retiree
Dental insurance is eligible to be continued into retirement. Retirees pay premiums directly to United Healthcare. Retirees are not eligible to add this insurance after they retire. 

Additional Dental Plan Resources
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Click here for Information Regarding Prenatal Benefits
Click here for information on the Max Multiplier benefit

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