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Human Resource Management


The mission of the LSUS Department of Human Resource Management is to provide the LSUS Community (Students, Faculty and Staff) with Human Resource Management support dealing with current State, Federal and Civil Service regulations, while remaining sensitive to the diverse needs of this University community.

Click here to access any of the following online trainings: Blood Borne Pathogens, Ethics, Sexual Harassment and/or Driver Training.

Health Insurance Premiums Increase of 5% effective July 1, 2014
The Office of Group Benefits has announced that there will be a 5% premium increases for all state employees and retirees with an OGB health plan. Effective July 1, state employees and retirees enrolled in any one of the following plans:  Blue Cross / Blue Shield of LA PPO, HMO or CDHP will have a 5% premium increase in monthly premiums.

The LSU First health plan will NOT have a mid-year premium increase.

Changes to OGB Medical and Pharmacy Coverage effective August 1, 2014
Also the Office of Group Benefits has announced that effective August 1, OGB plan members will see some changes to their medical and pharmacy plans. Some of the changes include benefit limits on certain services, prior authorization requirements for specific medical services and procedures and a new formulary. Only certain medications and members are impacted. Visit the OGB website for additional information.

Performance Evaluation System (PES)
Performance Management is a critical tool to evaluate and develop employees. It is also valuable in compensation, promotion, and disciplinary actions.

Unclassified Employees PES
A performance evaluations system for unclassified employees will begin on January 1, 2014. The process will consist of a planning phase between the supervisor and employee at the beginning of each year, followed by observation and feedback during the year, and culminating with an evaluation at the end of the year.
PES Toolbox

Classified Employees PES
Use the following link for the Civil Service PES Toolbox which contains forms and instructions for the Perfromance Evaluation System for classified employees:  
PES Toolbox